Church Planting Coordinator, Level 2

Posted: August 22, 2016


The Church Planting Coordinator’s primary goal is to engage U.S. churches in long term partnerships with e3 strategies.  One of the ways to do this is by being part of a two-person team of e3 trip leaders that organize and lead church-planting mission teams from partner churches.  Together they provide vision, oversight and leadership to the mission trip, splitting tasks according to their gifting.  Their responsibilities include site selection, field preparation, team enlistment and orientation, coordinating logistical and administrative aspects, field leadership, field assistance, ministry to the team, interaction with national leaders, and post-mission trip accounting, evaluation and follow-up.


  • Co-lead church planting mission trips.  Specific tasks on any given mission trip are to be decided between the Church Planter and the Church Planting Coordinator to achieve 3rd generation church planting.
  • If full time and this is primary role, co-lead 4 trips per year, plus a significant other role on their Strategy Team, Regional Team, or e3 Partners Team.  If primary role is not the CPC 2 role, then number of trips is determined by Strategy Director.

Church Partnerships

  • If full time, recruit at least one new church per year to ultimately engage in e3 strategies that connect with their vision.
  • If associate, recruit church group(s) for the mission trip you are co-leading
  • Serve as a mission’s consultant, through training and resources.

Pre-Mission trip 

  • Recruit Team members and review applicants.
  • Assist in preparing a proposal and budget.
  • Work in cooperation with e3’s Logistics Department for trip brochures, materials and tools, visas, Field Notebook information (Logistics Deliverables)
  • Arrange all transportation – air & land.
  • Plan and lead orientation & training sessions.
  • Make all in-country logistical arrangements such as food, water, hotel etc.
  • Review testimonies and have them translated, if applicable.
  • Order and pick up Field Cash.

On the Field 

  • Shepherd the team safely to the mission trip destination and home again.
  • Assess individual team member’s mission trip experience & make changes if necessary.
  • Attend team leader meetings.
  • Communicate clearly and frequently with the Church Planter in regards to all issues that may arise on the mission trip.
  • Keep up with all financial receipts and give an accounting of finances.
  • Keep up with and tally Daily Reports from the team leaders.
  • Be an encouragement to the national leaders and assist them with in-country logistics.

Post Mission trip

  • Mail out Pastor Letters.
  • Mail out a Thank you letter to Team members.
  • Arrange a Picture Party.
  • Complete Mission trip Debrief.
  • Complete and balance Field Cash Report per e3’s standard deadlines.
  • Turn-in excess Field Cash.
  • Troubleshoot trip finances if net cash flow is not positive.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Conducts appropriate number of church planting mission trips each calendar year according to status
  • Full-time:  co-leads 4 church planting trips a year plus a role in their country team or regional team.
  • Part-time:  number of trips required will vary depending on hours worked; average 20 hours would be successfully co-leading 2 church planting trips per year plus a role in their country team or regional team.
  • Self-funded/Associate: successfully co-leading 1 church planting trip per year.


  • Spiritual Requirements for leadership position.
  • Is an e3 Partners Ministry staff member.
  • Complies with spiritual requirements for e3 church planting staff.
  • Has a BA/BS or equivalent work experience.
  • Has participated on at least one e3 church planting mission trip.
  • Has attended e3’s Boot Camp for new staff.
  • Has completed required e3 training.
  • Has the ability to work well with people of different backgrounds and skill levels.
  • Has excellent communication skills.
  • Has solid servant leadership abilities and attitude.
  • Honors confidentiality.
  • Committed to continuing education.
  • Committed to individual and team goals.


  • Being completely surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Bearing witness of Christian character in daily life by biblical definition.
  • Being a member in good standing of a local church.
  • Agreement with the e3 Partners Doctrinal Statement.


  • Education or experience to align with above requirements.

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