Country Discipleship Coordinator

Posted: August 22, 2016


The (country/region) Discipleship Coordinator works to develop plans and strategies to help create a disciple-making movement and culture among pastors, leaders and believers by casting vision, training nationals and campaigners, developing/providing culturally effective resources, and developing a national strategy for following up new church plants.    


Cast Disciple-making Vision among national leaders.

  • Coordinate with the Strategy Team leaders to develop strategies for equipping national leaders and church planters to make disciple-makers.
  • Help national leaders implement plans/strategies to follow-up church plant pastors/leaders to equip each for long term disciple multiplication.
  • Assist national leaders to research the status of evangelism follow-up, discipleship, and health of churches planted by previous e3 equipping events and mission trips.

Analyze Cultural Challenges to develop and Deliver Effective Tools and strategies to equip disciple-makers. 

  • Work with national leaders to identify/develop culturally effective tools to ignite a disciple-making movement.
  • Develop/acquire resources/tools to equip both literate and oral groups within the Strategy area to make disciples who multiply.

Develop Training Strategies for Nationals and Mission Trip Participants to implement a disciple-making culture in the Strategy area.

  • Work with nationals to train teams of pastors/teachers who can equip national pastors and leaders to build a disciple-making culture within their churches.
  • Develop trips to the Strategy area to bring disciple-making teaching/ training to the nationals.
  • Work with CPs and CPCs to insure mission trip participants are trained in follow-up discipleship tools and have awareness of the national follow-up strategy.

Other duties as assigned.


  • Develop training methods and strategies to equip nationals to make disciple-makers.
  • Develop three year plan for implementing disciple-making strategy in all e3 church plants.
  • Develop Disciple-maker Development Training for national staff, leaders and church planters.
  • Help nationals develop a simple, reproducible system to track church plant health.
  • Provides reports, data and proposals for Strategy Team planning.


  • Is an e3 Partners Ministry Staff Member and appointed by the Strategy/U.S. Team Director.
  • Has a passion for and strong desire to see ‘disciples that make disciples’ expand raising up disciple-making movements.
  • Has participated on at least 1 e3 church planting mission trip to the Strategy area.
  • Has a basic knowledge of the culture, religions, customs, and practices of believers and non-believers in the Strategy area.


  • Being completely surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Bearing witness of Christian character in daily life by biblical definition.
  • Being a member in good standing of a local church.
  • Agreement with the e3 Partners Doctrinal Statement.


  • Education or experience to align with above requirements.

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