Prayer Coordinator

Posted: August 22, 2016


The (country/region) Prayer Coordinator is responsible for strengthening prayer support for the (country/region) Team by: organizing prayer teams; gathering prayer requests and answers; and posting prayer requests and answers having to do with mission trips, teams going to the country, needs in the country, and the needs of e3’s partners in the country.  


  • Identify, train, encourage and share prayer resources with prayer leaders for the mission trips.
  • Manage the collection of prayer requests and praises relating to the strategy, trips, partners, and results by preparing and sending them to (country/region) Prayer Partners through the Net Community.
  • Make prayer requests easily accessible for all (country/region) Team members, partners, and others via website, blogging, or other means.
  • When prayer is answered, communicate or post those answers.
  • Encourage prayer coordinators in the churches who will be partnering with the e3 mission team on the field.
  • Share any prayer training or resources that are appropriate.
  • Provide oversight for the (country/region) prayer partners (those who sign up through the internet or mission teams).
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Ensures teams traveling to (country/region) are covered by trained prayer leaders and have identified personal intercessors and prayer teams from the sending churches.
  • Ensures that all members of the (country/region) Team are equipped to pray for the strategy, partners, teams, and results of mission trips to (country/region).
  • Ensures all members of the (country/region) Team are bringing prayer requests related to the (country region) strategy to the attention of the rest of the (country/region) Team and e3 Partners staff.
  • Ensures that all members of the (country/region) Team are apprised of e3-wide and national prayer events.
  • Ensures compliance with corporate prayer standards for church planting trips.


  • Is appointed by the Strategy Team director with approval by the e3 Directors of Prayer.
  • Has participated in at least 2 e3 church planting trips to (country/region).


  • Being completely surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Bearing witness of Christian character in daily life by biblical definition.
  • Being a member in good standing of a local church.
  • Agreement with the e3 Partners Doctrinal Statement.


  • Education or experience to align with above requirements.


  • Certified by e3 Directors of Prayer for compliance with ministry standards in this area.

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