Training Coordinator

Posted: August 22, 2016


The (country/region) Training Coordinator oversees the specific training of new staff on the (country/region) Team and works closely with the e3 Mission Training Supervisor(s).  Places trainees under qualified trainers, tracks training progress and participates in the determination of Field readiness of new CPs and CPCs.  


  • Develop list of topics/issues particular to the region / country and implement a plan to train (country/region) Team members.
  • Receive and review training trip evaluations and troubleshoot as needed.
  • Participate in the placement of new staff on e3 Strategy Teams.
  • Ensure that Trainers are qualified and train according to e3’s processes and policies.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Maintains a record of all new (country/region) staff including their status, MPD status, training progress, Boot Camp attendance, and anticipated training end-date.
  • Makes records available to e3 Mission Training Supervisor(s).
  • Reports opportunities for improving new staff training and Boot Camp.
  • Ensures that trainers are qualified and committed to giving the highest quality training.
  • Maintains written criteria for (country/region) Trainers.
  • Recruits and trains Trainers from the (country/region) Team.


  • Is a certified CP or CPC.
  • Has participated on at least 4 e3 church planting mission trips resulting in churches planted.
  • Is a certified Trainer of CPs or CPCs.
  • Has strong knowledge of the culture, religions, customs, and practices of believers and non-believers in (country/region).


  • Being completely surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Bearing witness of Christian character in daily life by biblical definition.
  • Being a member in good standing of a local church.
  • Agreement with the e3 Partners Doctrinal Statement.


  • Education or experience to align with above requirements.

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