Our mission is simple. We equip God’s people to evangelize his world and establish his Church.


We prepare concerned Christians to share the Gospel in their everyday lives and around the world. The 4 Fields training we provide gives believers methods of teaching that simplify evangelism and global church-planting. Meanwhile, I am Second uses the power of storytelling to communicate God’s grace to all audiences.


We bring the Gospel into new cultures by developing leaders who make disciples. Our short-term mission trips allow believers to set aside a week of their lives and introduce Christ to new people and communities. From church-planting and orality initiatives to community transformation and medical work, there are numerous opportunities for anyone to make an impact. With each mission, participants get the chance to intentionally nurture their new relationships well after the trip.


We establish churches designed to reproduce within their culture. In doing this, we institute ongoing cultural change within the region. Our mission trips are the launching point for these new churches.


The impact of our work is felt in many areas of society. We touch people spiritually through our evangelism and church-planting efforts. We also touch people physically through AIDS awareness and Malaria prevention programs. Additionally, our medical mission trips provide critical healthcare to those without proper access.

We transform communities by facilitating economic opportunities, agricultural projects, and recycling initiatives.

Likewise, e3 is tackling some of the most critical social justice issues in our culture by working through local churches to end human trafficking.

Through programs like I am Second, we are helping local churches and believers impact today’s culture. The Bible is our standard for determining our approach to ministry. It keeps us focused on developing simple tools that can be implemented in any cultural context. From our church-planting strategies to our internal operations, we use the Scriptures as our guide.

We work with our international network of country leaders to design scalable strategies that are universally adaptable in every region. This allows us to utilize all of our resources efficiently and responsibly to bring about the multiplication of believers and churches across the globe.

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