200 Million People in An Unreached Land

January 12, 2015


The state of Uttar Pradesh sits along India’s northern border with Nepal. The most populous state in India, it is home to over 199,000,000 people. That’s roughly the populations of Germany, Britain, and France combined! If it was its own independent country, Uttar Pradesh would be the world’s fifth-most populous state.

As the very home of Hinduism, Uttar Pradesh claims some of India’s most popular tourist destinations, including the Taj Mahal. As a result of its geopolitical significance, the state has often been the focal point of Indian history, dating back to 600 B.C.

Despite its vast population, hardly any Christian presence exists in the region at all. This is especially true among the Badhai people who are largely concentrated in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and parts of Nepal, Pakistan, and and Bangladesh. In all, they number just 628,000 people, mostly living as carpenters. The Badhai people are considered completely unreached, which means there is little, if any, Christian presence among them.


Without any outreach, missionary, or Christian presence, the Badhai people will die without ever hearing the Gospel. But you can get involved.

Pray. Ask God to raise up missionaries to the region with opportunities to serve the Badhai people. Even more, pray for local believers in the surrounding regions that new opportunities will arise to share Christ and cultivate new churches in the area. The people are blessed with full Bible translations in their languages but they still need believers willing to go.

Go. You could be the answer to your own prayer. Consider joining an expedition to India, Nepal, or the Middle East where you can partner with local believers to serve unreached and unengaged people groups with the Gospel. With just one week, you can be a part of a Gospel movement that is taking off across the region with the potential of reaching the Badhai people.


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