90% of Christians Won’t Experience This

July 6, 2015


September 11, 1973 was a watershed moment in Chile’s history.  After years of political unrest, the military took control of the capital and established a brutal junta.  For the next 17 years, the people suffered from economic instability and political repression.  The period was a watershed time for Omar Segovia as well.  As he watched the deteriorating situation around him, Omar took his wife and three children and fled for Canada.

He recalls, “Back then, I never thought God had a plan for me and my family.”

But in 1981, Omar found himself attending Iglesia Bautista Castellana, a hispanic mission in Toronto.  That’s where he received his first Bible, experienced Christian community, and eventually gave his life over to Jesus.  As he took the next steps in his faith, other Christians impressed upon him the importance of sharing his faith.  While he wanted to be obedient, fear always got in the way.

“I did not have the gift,” he would tell himself.  “But I had many excuses.”

Many years later, a friend showed Omar the eCube.  He immediately fell in love, reading the manual over a hundred times.  Suddenly, the idea of sharing his faith seemed much easier.  He went from avoiding discussions of his faith to actively seeking out new opportunities.  When Omar eventually led a visitor in his church to Christ with the cube, it way a game-changing moment.

Since then, God has used Omar in some incredible ways.  Using the cube, he shared his faith with over 80 colleagues, many of whom received Christ.  He has even taken the message back home to Chile, sharing with friends and family.  Now, Omar coaches others who suffer from the same fear he once experienced.

Over 90% of Christians go their entire lives without experiencing the joy of leading someone to Jesus.  Without a plan or method, the task can seem overwhelming.  But the eCube has given thousands like Omar a tool and a plan that inspires confidence and changes lives.

You can provide eCubes for more people like Omar by clicking here.


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