July 10, 2015

FullSizeRenderA mixture of emotions flooded Jarrell Prince’s thoughts that Sunday morning in 1992. He didn’t want to admit what he already knew in his heart. God was calling him to go on his first e3 Partners mission trip to Romania, but he was absolutely petrified.

“I was scared to death,” Jarrell remembers. “Even though I had accepted Christ as a child, I had never shared my faith openly.

While he looked for every excuse not to go, he found himself on Romanian soil in the summer of 1992. Roughly 50 Americans joined that inaugural expedition to the former communist country, less than five years after the people overthrew their ruthless regime.

Over 1,400 Romanians came to faith in Christ on the trip. But they weren’t the only ones changed that week.

Roughly 20 team members entered into full­time missionary service or joined the boards of other Christian nonprofits in the coming years.

Jarrell was already enjoying success both personally and professionally. So, the experience in Romania intersected with his life during a challenging but rewarding time in his burgeoning career as a wealth manager. He wasn’t looking for more to do or to have his life turned upside down. But, God had other plans for Jarrell and his family.

Seeing hundreds of spiritually hungry people crowding around him to hear about Jesus and clamoring for a copy of the Bible changed Jarrell’s outlook on life. Seeing 1,400 people come to faith in Christ in one week firmly and forever rearranged his priorities.

Jarrell and his wife, Connie, began supporting missionaries and praying for missions in a new way. A few years later he felt that he wasn’t doing enough. That’s when he unexpectedly received an invitation to join the e3 Partners Board of Directors. He, wife and two children began taking mission trips together.

Through it all, missions has become an integral part of his family’s lifestyle. For nearly two decades, Jarrell has faithfully served and supported the ministry of e3 Partners.

For the Prince family, it’s more than a donation of time and money. It’s an investment.

Jarrell remarks, “It’s been an incredible blessing to see how God has had his hand on this ministry from the beginning.

Today, Jarrell is particularly excited about the e3 Community Transformation initiative, which helps local churches around the world find sustainable solutions to address the needs in their neighborhoods.

“I just see meeting people’s physical needs along with their spiritual needs to be so important. It opens up so many doors both domestically and internationally. When you offer people help and hope, it draws more people to Jesus and the Church.”

Likewise, Jarrell is moved by the unique ministry of I am Second here at home. This media initiative launched by e3 Partners in 2008 has surprised everyone.

“We didn’t know exactly what to do with I Am Second at first, but God had a plan,” Jarrell remembers. “It’s been amazing to see how that part of the ministry has evolved to reach the United States and over 200 countries and territories. We must be good stewards of this and all of the great opportunities that God has given to e3 and I Am Second.”

With over 30 years of experience in wealth management, Jarrell Prince understands the power of a well-­placed investment. He has supported e3 Partners through the years, seeing tremendous impact results. And, knowing the ministry’s proven strategy, sound leadership, strong team and innovative approach will change lives and transform communities for generations to come.

Jarrell Prince has served on the e3 Board of Directors since 1999 and as Chairman since 2002. He is managing partner at the Crocker, Prince & Blackford Group of the Raymond James Company in Dallas, specializing in wealth management for high-net-worth individuals, companies and institutions.



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