September 1, 2015

Ralph Manning is a founding partner of Progress Equity Partners, Ltd. a private investment firm that acquires majority control of operating companies.   Prior to founding Progress, he was an investment partner at  Transition Capital Partners.  After graduating from Texas Christian University in 1991 and earning a Graduate Finance Certificate in 1994 from Southern Methodist University, he married his wife, Krista.  The two have twin girls.

Manning was first introduced to e3 Partners through the work of Tom Doyle in the Middle East and enjoys seeing everything God is accomplishing in the region.  For Manning, his support and position on the Board of Directors offers a special “peek behind the curtain.”  His involvement with the ministry allows him to be personally connected with those making a real difference in the world, who’s stories are often much different than what the public is exposed to in the mainstream media.

Krista and I are pleased and excited that e3 is addressing the many issues and challenges internationally and just as importantly here at home as well.”

Since becoming a donor, he remains most impressed by the depth and breadth and broad reach of the organization.  He enjoys supporting the work of I am Second and being a part of its influence here in the United States.  Overseas, he is excited about the continuing work of Community Transformation, which empowers people across the globe to rehabilitate and develop their cities while establishing the local church as an institution of change.

Most recently, Manning has helped support a new partnership between I am Second and the Museum of the Bible, developed by Hobby Lobby Founder and CEO, Steve Green.  When the museum opens up in the heart of Washington D.C. in 2017, it will showcase over 450,000 artifacts that demonstrate the Bible’s role in society through the centuries.  It will also prominently feature I am Second in several key areas of the museum and in the highly-trafficked Metro station underneath.

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to support the Museum of the Bible,” remarked Ralph.  “It will be a world class institution illustrating the Monday morning relevance of biblical truth.”

Manning’s support of e3 Partners and the organization’s wide reach allows him to do something significant with the resources God has provided.

“Being involved with e3 is an opportunity to walk the talk, as they say.  It’s where the rubber meets the road.”

You can join Manning in making a tangible difference through your donation to e3 Partners of any amount.  Click here to get started.


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