An Unexpected Package

March 15, 2017


By Matt Morrison
Content Editor

Receiving any donation can be a humbling experience.  When someone believes enough in your cause to make a financial investment, there’s both a sense of encouragement and responsibility.

For the past two years, e3 Partners has joined forces with the soon-to-open Museum of the Bible to develop an I Am Second exhibit on the site.  In addition to I Am Second’s presence in the Impact part of the museum, the ministry will also display live media underneath the site along the ceiling of Washington D.C.’s busiest Metro station.

Many generous donors have contributed to the project, giving promise to a powerful new Gospel presence in the nation’s capital.  In December, we received one of the most heartfelt and humbling gifts towards the partnership.  Sealed in a cardboard box, we found a Ziploc bag full of cash and coins, with the following letter from the Lubbock Impact Soup Kitchen:

Dear Curtis and I Am Second,

What a delight it has been as my dining hall at the Lubbock Impact Soup Kitchen has been collecting money to go toward the IAS and MOTB partnership in Washington D.C. 

Each week I shared the basic info about this partnership and encouraged our clients to be a part of something beyond themselves.  My heart swelled as they literally reached into tattered pockets and shared pennies, nickels and dimes.  We stressed to them to not be foolish with their money, but if they did have any extra, that the matching funds would allow every quarter to equal a dollar. 

On the last evening I gave the rest of the brochures you sent me to some of our clients, along with some of the I Am Second wristbands that were worn with pride.

Enclosed is the money we collected: $129.70.  We also had a project going on that allowed us to have Rice Krispy Treats once a month and use the saved dessert money to give to IAS.  The total of the dessert fund is: $201.00.  That brings the total amount from Lubbock Impact to $330.70. 

Lubbock Impact is a dynamic ministry to the hungry in Lubbock, TX providing soup, an emergency food pantry, and voucher programs.  They even feature a free clinic in partnership with the Texas Tech Health Science Center.  A collaboration of generous people, churches, businesses, and organizations make it possible.

The director writes about the radical shift of focus and empowerment that took place as the ministry’s clients chose to give sacrificially of themselves.  After having been impacted by the I Am Second white chair films, they felt they were giving back to something that once changed their own hearts, making the donation that much more meaningful.

The donation just further proves that God can and will use anyone.  The rich, poor, men, women, children, adults – we’re all invited into the story of what he is doing around the world.  No sacrifice is too small or obedience too insignificant.

Whether here at home or around the world, the mission to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an all-hands-on-deck call.  From all corners of society, Christians are rising up to make his name known among the nations.

Will you join the movement?  You can step into the breach with e3 Partners and when you give between now and March 31, your investment is doubled by a $100,000 matching gift!


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