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December 8, 2015

Baptized in the Amazon

By Matt Morrison Content Editor, e3 Partners  As Chuck Wilson looked up on the hill, he could see Steve was deeply engaged in conversation with the pastor next to him.  Chuck stood there, surrounded by Brazil’s harsh and humid Amazonian climate, wondering what they could be discussing so intently.  Suddenly, he watched them bow their

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March 5, 2015

Not Your Typical Spring Break

In March of last year, Judson and his friends enjoyed a typical spring break like so many other college students. They packed their bags, hopped on a plane, and spent some time soaking up the tropics. Well, at least it was somewhat typical… This wasn’t a week of laying around on the beach. Instead, they

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Manage Your Account at Pure Charity

We have partnered with Pure Charity to help you easily manage your trip application. This is also where you can manage your donor profile.