Celebrating One Hundred… and Forty-six! (by Missy Williams)

June 23, 2010

A few weeks back, I sent an email update to our Seed Effect subscribers celebrating the day that we officially broke 100!  (On the morning of May 26th, we issued our 109th loan, bringing our active borrowers served to 90 with the addition of “God with Us” SE Cell Group.)  Well, less than a month later, we are celebrating another milestone…

Just this morning, I received a report that we have now issued 146 loans to date and currently serve 127 active borrowers!  As if this isn’t reason enough to celebrate, the best news is that our Sudanese staff accomplished the latest round of loan disbursements and orientations all on their own while Thomas, Managing Director of Seed Effect: SUDAN, was on R&R in London.  Seeing the email below, from our staff accountant, come across my desk last week literally brought me to tears.

“Hope this mail shall find you well. We have today successfully disbursed loan for 24 new clients where 7 were from Mere (Tembi Group) and 17 were from Wudu (Amabia Group). The total cash amount disbursed for this new clients was 4,040,000 shillings… the orientation seminar for Mondikolok has also started because those of Kenneth are still in the field with Doris at this time.” 

Tears because we have not only empowered our borrowers, but because our Sudanese staff, a group of amazing, resilient, hard-working, and Christ-seeking individuals, has learned not only to turn on and use a computer, but to manage a successful loan program that is empowering their fellow Sudanese in less than a year.  When we set out to launch our Seed Loan Program in a goat town with no running water, electrical grid, paved roads, or connection to the outside world, we could not have imagined this.  We are so proud of our staff, but moreover, so blessed to serve a good God to whom we give all the glory! 


As we, again, celebrate empowerment today, I’ll write to you, what I wrote to our subscribers last month as it still rings true…

Since the launch of our program, we have seen individuals empowered with a means to provide for their families and communities formed that have generated accountability and support in hard times.  These entrepreneurs have been spurred on to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually as they’ve worked together to provide a better life for their families.  And, today we’re celebrating this transformation.  Transformation that YOU helped make possible. Thank you to each and every one of you who have sacrificed to be a part of the Seed Effect and thank you for allowing your heart to break over what breaks His.  Now, there are so many more to reach… onto the next 100!


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