Baptized in the Amazon

December 8, 2015


By Matt Morrison
Content Editor, e3 Partners

 As Chuck Wilson looked up on the hill, he could see Steve was deeply engaged in conversation with the pastor next to him.  Chuck stood there, surrounded by Brazil’s harsh and humid Amazonian climate, wondering what they could be discussing so intently.  Suddenly, he watched them bow their heads together and come down from the hill in tears.

After going on many e3 expeditions, Chuck knows firsthand how impactful a mission trip can be on a person’s life.  As a commercial real estate developer in Dallas, his experiences overseas provide a stark contrast to the convoluted priorities that seem to define life here in the United States. Steve had noticed the changes happening in Chuck’s life.  Chuck had always been a mentor to Steve, providing him a job after great personal and financial difficulty in the 80’s.  When Steve first expressed interest in joining him on a trip to Brazil, Chuck quickly encouraged him to go.

“At the time, he wasn’t even really a Christian but I knew it would make a major difference in his life,” Chuck remembers.

As Steve descended the hill, he returned to Chuck as a new believer in Christ.  The next day, he was baptized in the Amazon River as the entire expedition team celebrated alongside him.  He has never been the same since.  Today, Steve and Chuck remain great friends and brothers in Christ in Dallas, both using their success in business as a platform to spread the Gospel with those around them.

Through the years, Chuck has also been an active supporter and participant in missions around the world.  From places like Peru, Brazil, Rwanda, Sudan and Uganda, he has been part of establishing new churches and providing medical care in communities where the Gospel remains unknown.  He still remembers when he first saw an Evangecube on one of his early trips.

“We were sleeping in hammocks on a boat while docking in the communities each day.  One day, we approached a family – a father, mother, and their three children.  They were making rice and I was handed an Evangecube.  I walked through the presentation with them and they all asked Jesus to come into their lives that day.  It was an unbelievable experience.”

On another occasion, Chuck found himself going through the cube with a sheriff in Uganda.  Before long, the officer received Christ and even asked Chuck to present it to his prisoners.

Having experienced the power of e3’s overseas strategy firsthand, Chuck’s involvement with the ministry has gone much deeper.  As a regular supporter of the Capacity Fund and a faithful board member, he plays a continual and critical role in e3 Partners’ work in over 40 countries.  From international church planting to the powerful media outreach behind I am Second, he has been compelled by the variety of innovative ways the ministry engages with different cultures to advance the Gospel message.

Since 1969, Chuck has served as founder and president of The Cambridge Companies.  He resides in the Dallas area with Debbie, his wife of 22 years.  He has four children and three grandchildren.  Experience what Chuck has seen yourself.  Click here to learn more about e3 expeditions and apply today!


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