Country and Urban Strategist Positions Launched

June 29, 2010

On the evening of June 24, there was a soft launch of two new types of staff positions for e3 Partners. These were the Country Strategist and Urban Strategist positions. An orientation session was held for a small, select group of individuals who were challenged to consider taking up this type of ministry.

One reason for establishing these positions was to enable e3 to practically pursue the goal of seeing a church planted within access of everyone on earth. This is difficult to do when the organization has no presence or work in many countries.

The new Strategists will work with others in the Body of Christ in their target areas to see churches planted throughout the area. The focus will be on starting new simple/organic churches which can multiply and begin to impact and transform society. Special emphasis will be placed on starting churches among people groups and in places where there are currently no churches.

One significant implication of this new approach will be that work will be initiated in cities in the United States and Canada where e3 has not worked previously except through the “I am second” ministry. Focus in North American cities will fall heavily on language and ethnic group work.

Those undertaking work as a Strategist will begin by assessing current ministry efforts taking place within their target area and figuring out how they can serve those who are already actively serving there. The Strategists will seek to find new synergies from among the churches, resources, and organizations already there. They will also seek to mobilize additional resources for the task. All this will be done with a view to making disciples who will multiply and thus plant new churches.

Most of the Strategists serving with e3 will be Associate staff members, meaning they will keep their jobs and responsibilities and serve as volunteers in the task with their discretionary time. They will choose from among about 300 cities and nearly 100 countries as they select their target area.

If you have questions or are interested in considering serving in this way, contact


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