Support Missions While Eating Out

October 1, 2015

Are you one of those people with a serious restaurant addiction?  You set out each week to eat at home.  You plan on cooking something savory and healthy in your kitchen with the ease of a Food Network host.  But then your coworker in the next cubicle starts talking about that burger from heaven at a hole-in-the-wall dive two miles from your house.  From that moment on, it’s over.  You’re counting down the hours until you get to guzzle it down yourself.

We can’t help you with that temptation but now you can indulge with slightly less guilt.  e3 Partners has recently joined up with TangoTab to make your next dining experience more meaningful.  TangoTab is an app for your smartphone that links you to special offers and partnerships with restaurants in your area.  When you check in or claim an offer at an establishment, the restaurant pays TangoTab a small fee for filling that seat.  TangoTab then uses the money to feed a hungry family in your community.

But the impact doesn’t stop there.  By using a special code when downloading the app, each new check-in also makes a certain portion of the proceeds a donation to e3 Partners!  In other words, you can now enjoy that mouth-watering salad pizza knowing that part of the revenue is feeding a hungry person in your area and supporting mission work in over 40 countries.  

By just adding one step to your dining experience, you’ll make an impact in your own community and in another across the globe.  So, go ahead.  Enjoy a pleasant evening out of the house knowing you’ve just helped e3 Partners advance the Gospel.

SPECIAL OFFER: When you download TangoTab to your smartphone this month, you could win a $100 gift card to Texas Land & Cattle!


1. Click here for a custom download link.
2. Enter your cell phone number and TangoTab will send you a text message with the link.
3. Follow the link in the text message to complete the download and enjoy the benefits of TangoTab



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