“Ehea, Ehea, Ehea”

January 30, 2015


According to legend, the story began one day when a man was walking down the road with a coconut. He was approached by Vishnu, the Hindu deity, who instructed him to crack open the fruit. When the man did, he found it full of wool with which Vishnu told him to weave him a blanket. When he complied, Vishnu told him to go home saying “Ehea, Ehea, Ehea” and he would later become an ancestor of his own people. They would make their living by keeping sheep and weaving blankets from their wool.

Today, over 6.4 million Gadarias are located across Northern India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They are a peaceful people who get along well with most other communities. While they have traditionally reared sheep and goats as a way of life, many Gadarias have since abandoned their former ways for other trades.

Among the millions of Gadarias, there are few, if any, known Christians. The people are considered 100% Hindu. That’s millions of people who don’t have a relationship with Christ, or anyone to share the Gospel with them. To make matters worse, persecution of Christians has become a growing concern in Northern India. Some groups are even trying to declare certain states free of Christianity altogether.


Without any outreach, missionary, or Christian presence, the Gadaria people will die without ever hearing the Gospel. But you can get involved.

Pray. Ask God to raise up missionaries to the region with opportunities to serve the Gadaria people. Pray for local believers in the surrounding regions that new opportunities will arise to share Christ and cultivate new churches in the area. Furthermore, pray for an end to the persecution that threatens so many Christian outreaches.

Go. You could be the answer to your own prayer. Consider joining an expedition to India or Nepal where you can partner with local believers to serve unreached and unengaged people groups with the Gospel. With just one week, you can be a part of a Gospel movement that is taking off across the region with the potential of reaching the Gadaria people.


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