February 16, 2015


They’re daughters. Sisters. Nieces.

Tragically, they’re also enslaved. When a single man arrives in Thailand, the first thing his cab driver offers is a visit to a young girl. Her body can be sold for as little as $3 and it’s a reality that is all too common in cities all over the world.

It is estimated that 27 million human trafficking victims suffer in the shadows of our society today, nearly half of which are children. For girls, the average age of capture is just 12-14 years old.

Freedom 418 works to provide healing to these young girls while raising awareness about the prevalence of human trafficking in our world today. In doing this, they offer survivors a chance to find a new identity and purpose in Christ. From family camps to a rescue home, the ministry works towards comprehensive solutions that prevent human trafficking.

The PricelessCube has become a critical piece to Freedom 418’s strategy in Southeast Asia. The team makes Priceless presentations everywhere they go, leaving behind cubes with families along the way. Using the same format as the EvangeCube, the PricelessCube tells the story of how children are exploited in remote villages and exposes tactics commonly used by traffickers. It also conveys an even deeper message that every life is priceless and cannot be bought or sold. This opens up amazing new opportunities to share the Gospel.

On a recent visit to a juvenile detention center, 40 young girls heard the presentation and learned about Jesus’ reckless love for them.

“One girl cried over our staff’s shoulder expressing how she felt unimportant to her family, especially to her mother.”

Click here to learn more about Freedom 418 and their ministry with the PricelessCube in Southeast Asia.


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