God’s Favorite Math

September 14, 2016


Submitted by South Asia Strategy Team

God’s favorite math?

We know it’s not division, or subtraction.  Addition is good… though multiplication is GREAT.

MULTIPLY : to increase greatly in number or amount : to become much more numerous : to increase in number by reproducing

What does the multiplication of disciples look like?  A recent story from one of our key South Asian leaders paints the picture.

First Generation
I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with Ramesh, who was in search of a job.  Ramesh was discipled and began to help us in ministry.  One day, he took us to a village to pray over a sick person.  While there, Ramesh shared the Gospel with Surhas, who came to Christ.

Second Generation
Surhas was a young man who had been selling alcohol from his home.  After meeting Christ his life was transformed and he became a great testimony in his village.  Surhas shared the Gospel with a young man named Debrabata, who was known to make fun of Christians.  Well, the Holy Spirit convicted him.

Third Generation
Debrabata accepted Christ, and began to be discipled by Surhas. Debrabata went to a village and shared the Gospel with a young girl named Satwika.

Fourth Generation
Satwika accepted Christ and then faced tremendous pressure as the only believer in her village.   She began to read her Bible and Debrabata discipled her.

There are now seven house fellowships in Satwika’s village!

Fifth Generation
Soumi (from Satwika’s village) went to a village and shared the Gospel. There, Amit came to Christ and began attending a house fellowship.

Sixth Generation
Now, Amit is a leader and leading several fellowships.  Amit shared the Gospel with Pradeep, who had been struggling with depression as his wife had left him.

Seventh Generation
God began to work in Pradeep’s life and Pradeep was discipled by Amit.  Pradeep shared the Gospel with an illiterate woman named Ankita.

Eighth Generation
Ankita goes from house to house selling brooms in remote villages.  She came to Christ.  Now, wherever Ankita goes she first presents the Gospel.  Ankita started a fellowship in her home and began to disciple Divya.

Ninth Generation
Divya had a heart condition.  God touched her and healed her.  Divya shared the Gospel with a young lady, Sranvanthi, who was always quarrelling with her husband.

Tenth Generation
God has transformed Sravanthi’s life and she is now witnessing to many.

The Bottom Line
It sounds like the book of Acts.  New believers learn from the beginning how to share the Good News and how it has touched their lives.

Disciples are reproducing…they’re multiplying!  And, as you can see, God is working through ordinary people.  He is using our expedition teams to help ignite church planting movements like this one around the world.  This is at the heart of why e3 Partners exists – to launch churches that go viral across the landscape and transform their communities in the process.

Would you like to add some fuel to this fire?

There are a couple of ways you can help.

1. Will you pray for e3’s ministry in South Asia? We need laborers to join our expedition teams, more multiplication of churches in new areas, new national leaders to steward them, and God’s blessing on e3 staff working in the region.

2. You can support e3’s work in South Asia with your financial gift of any amount. Just click here to make your tax-deductible donation.

3. Join an upcoming expedition to the region and begin a new church planting movement in just a matter of days!  Click here to learn more.


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