March 11, 2015


As we watch the news each night, the situation around the world seems increasingly helpless.  The recent execution of 21 Egyptian Christians by ISIS militants is yet another reminder of the deteriorating situation in the Middle East.  It’s easy to look at all of this and ask, “Is our God still a miracle-performing God?”  The question is not a matter of “can he?” but “does he?”

Tom Doyle covers this theme in his latest book, Killing Christians.  Tom has encountered so many followers of Jesus who have endured deep suffering for the name of Christ.  In his book, he shares their stories and offers a glimpse into God’s faithfulness in their darkest hours.  Even as regional chaos ensues, the Church is thriving and the Gospel is spreading.

On a recent expedition to the Middle East, one of our teams encountered a Syrian couple who had met and married after fleeing their country.  What makes their story so remarkable is that the husband is a Sunni and the wife is an Alawite, the two ethnic groups at war against each other.  Shortly after fleeing, they each received Christ and developed a close bond.  Across the border, their people continue to battle, driving millions out of their homes and killing countless others.  Yet, in the midst of the tragedy, these two have found a new identity as followers of Jesus that transcends their ethnic loyalties, leading to a deep, committed relationship.

It’s easy to feel helpless from our living rooms as we watch the wars around us, yet we know that Christ is still victorious.  Even in the darkest places of our world, in the darkest hours, he is still working.  His grace is never-ending and faithfulness endures.

Join with e3 Partners and I Am Second, as together we experience our miraculous, wonderful God who is still at work!

In His Grip,

Curtis Hail
President & CEO
e3 Partners



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