Grace Family Church Faithfully Serves in Hilbrow, South Africa

March 25, 2015


From afar, the high rise office towers and apartment buildings of Hilbrow, South Africa are impressive and welcoming.  Yet, a walk through the city streets paints a different picture.  Prostitution, drug use, and human trafficking plague Hilbrow’s society at every level.

On the surface, South Africa appears to be a flourishing country.  Since the end of apartheid was reached in 1991, it has definitely seen unprecedented growth, making it a lightening rod for economic development and foreign investments.  But the country remains sharply divided along racial and cultural lines.  Income inequality and racial violence still run high.

Churches across South Africa are stepping up to spread the Gospel and deal with the country’s pressing social issues.  One of those congregations is Grace Family Church, located in Johannesburg.  The small Christian community is actively serving in the cities of Hilbrow, Berea, and Yeoville, often considered the city’s most dangerous suburbs.

Grace Family Church (GFC) is predominantly made up of South African Chinese members. But more and more these days, faces that reflect Africa are shining in the pews.

“Being face-to-face with those living disenfranchised in our city is where we are seeing connections made, and transformation occur,” says John.

GFC actively goes out as the nations are on their doorsteps. People are hurting so they hurt each other.  The church aims to stop the cycle by introducing the salve to all hurt and bring healing in the matchless name of Jesus.

“We use many methods to communicate including I am Second, films, and just showing genuine love and concern for our fellow man. But the EvangeCube is what we have found to be most effective in clearly and simply sharing the Gospel message in a multi-faceted cultural region of the world,” Smith continued.

The Rand/Dollar exchange rate has made it more difficult for GFC to afford the needed resources desired to continue reaching out with the life-changing message of Christ.

Please consider making a small donation to help get EvangeCubes into the hands of faithful servants doing a hard work in South Africa.

You can provide more EvangeCubes for Grace Family Church with even the smallest donation.  Click here to learn more.



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