August 31, 2015


God has a record of using people and things the rest of us simply overlook.  He chooses the Moses the murderer.  He makes David, the youngest in his family, King of Israel. Meanwhile, Jesus calls on fishermen to be his disciples and makes his triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey instead of a horse.

His point is clear: He is an impressive, awesome God who can use that which is overlooked to do something incredible.

He can even use leftover items in your house to engaged unreached people groups or restore communities.  e3 Partners now works with iDonate to turn non-cash items into meaningful gifts that further our mission around the world.  While you may not think you have anything of value, consider this:

  • Collectively, Americans have an estimated $34 billion in electronic devices sitting around our homes.
  • $9 billion of those electronics are retired iPhones.  
  • In 2010, charitable organizations received $121 million through donated cars and trucks.  
  • 1 in 10 Americans have rental storage units that are collectively worth $21 billion.

Imagine what might be collecting dust in your house that could be spreading the Gospel, preventing human trafficking, providing medical care to unreached areas, or transforming impoverished communities.  iDonate makes this possible by collecting your donated items, converting them into cash, and handing the proceeds over to e3 Partners.  Recently, an individual in California even advanced the Kingdom by donating his old vehicle.


  1. To make your gift, click here and find out what you can donate.
  2. Tell us about your items in the provided form.
  3. iDonate will provide shipping instructions.  Once they receive your items, they will donate their cash value to e3 Partners.
  4. You will receive a receipt from the iDonate Foundation that shares how your donation supported the ministry.

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