“How Much Does it Cost?”

August 17, 2018

Diana* is 75. She has high blood pressure, has suffered several mini-strokes, and her local doctor just told her she has Parkinson’s disease.

A team from e3 Partners met her on a recent trip to Russia, and after hearing her story, they asked if they could pray for her. She responded with a question of her own.

“How much does prayer cost?”

The e3 team was almost completely overwhelmed. What a perfect opportunity to share the gospel! They explained to Diana that prayer is a gift from God, just as salvation through Jesus is a free gift of God’s love and grace.

Diana was shocked. That was not the answer she was expecting. She asked to know more about this “love and grace”, and in that moment, the team could see God working in her heart.

Diana has been referred to a local Parkinson’s specialist. The e3 Partners team was able to connect her with a nearby church, and one of the women from that church has committed to helping her travel to and from her appointments.

Please pray for the church as they minister to Diana’s physical needs and disciple her as a new believer!


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*A pseudonym


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