MalariaCube: A Simple Tool to Help Prevent Malaria and Save Lives! (Business WIre)

July 7, 2011

Imagine if a little cube could help save the lives of one million children every year. There is now such a cube — MalariaCube™, a simple tool that will change how the world views Malaria.

Malaria is one of the most serious health threats facing the world today.

Malaria takes the lives of more than one million people, mostly children five years old and younger, per year and affecting between two and three billion people worldwide.

Introducing MalariaCube™, a simple and engaging tool that educates viewers on causes, treatment and prevention of malaria. Using pictures to eliminate the language barrier, MalariaCube™ unfolds to reveal important facts that help identify how to prevent malaria. See link for demonstration:

“[MalariaCube™ is] a unique and creative approach for educating people about malaria prevention and control,” Dr. K.F. Fischer, MD, MPH, said. “Since there are no words on the Cube, the message can be shared in any language using the information on the package insert. I recommend it.” Elizabeth Styffe, RN PHN MN and director of Global Orphan Care Initiatives for Saddleback Church and The PEACE Plan, said, “MalariaCube™ is a simple yet effective resource anyone can use to teach others about malaria.”

“MalariaCube™ is a remarkable resource unlike anything we’ve seen, providing fresh help and hope for ending malaria,” Styffe said. “If our aim is not to fight malaria, but to end malaria, excellent tools like the MalariaCube™ must be placed in the hands of local community.”

To learn more about MalariaCube™, call the information hotline toll-free at 1-855-4MCUBES. You can also visit the MalariaCube™ website at or contact Joelle Polisky (615) 516-0358.

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