Mike Edwards: I am first because I’m second

June 23, 2010

Mike Edwards has no qualms about sharing his performance secret. He’s first because he’s second.

“Well I am, I am second in my eyes,” Edwards contends. “God is first for sure.”

Following his seventh No. 1 qualifying effort, his latest at the NHRA SuperNationals, Edwards became the first NHRA Full Throttle professional drag racer to clinch a berth in the Countdown to 1. Edwards has led the NHRA Pro Stock point standings since February.

Edwards says his success is no coincidence and while he’s not preaching to anyone, he’s just one of many professional athletes who are open and up front about their spiritual life. And because of that, Edwards has become a staunch supporter of www.iamsecond.com website, a stop on the web where leading athletes can provide their testimonies. The website url is underneath his No. 1 on the side window.

“God is first in my life,” said Edwards, the defending class world champion. “This doesn’t really matter to me at all. It really doesn’t.”

Edwards is not so naïve to believe his declaration won’t draw criticism, but he says he can’t help but be at peace in his life even if he has his critics.

“Everybody’s got their own opinion on everything but you know, I have a strong belief and I just know where my faith is at and I know where my ending is going to be,” Edwards said. “And I’m sorry about the way they feel about that. If they feel that way then I’m really sorry for them because they’re really missing out on a lot of blessings that they could have here on Earth. Not even compared to what we are fixing to have.”


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