Mission Trips Do Something To You Too

January 19, 2016

By Matt Morrison
Content Editor, e3 Partners

Mission trips, when done right, don’t just change the lives of others. They transform yours too. They give you an opportunity to partner with Christ on mission, opening your eyes to things you could never experience otherwise. They help you grow as a follower of Jesus by offering unique opportunities to encounter him in four specific ways.

1. They give you a global view of the Church.
The Church is more than the building on the street corner. It’s more than a Sunday morning event. It’s the global Body of Christ partnered together to worship him and advance his Gospel. When you travel to other cultures, the structure and feel of the Church is wildly different than we experience here. Christians in other cultures naturally celebrate and emphasize a different aspect of God’s nature. As you develop a global view of the Church, you also develop a better understanding of who he is through his people.

2. They make you more dependent on Christ.
Whether you’re going for the first or the tenth time, leaving the confines of the United States and experiencing new cultures can be intimidating. Even the fundraising process requires a substantial amount of faith. These challenges force you to trust God for financial support, emotional strength, spiritual discernment, and physical safety. They put faith to the test in a remarkable way.

3. They teach you new skills.
Most people who go on mission trips don’t know how to work through a translator, much less share their faith or care for people in need. These experiences provide a crash course in telling others about Jesus and understanding other cultures. On e3 Partners expeditions, trip-goers even learn how to launch new churches by helping new believers quickly follow and obey the commands of Christ. All of these skills easily translate into living more intentionally and missionally at home.

4. They change the way you see people.
When God created the human race, he placed his “likeness” or his image inside of us. He gave us a piece of himself. Each and every culture expresses an aspect of who God is through their customs and their approach to the world around them. In addition to changing the way you see the Church, mission trips offer an opportunity to experience Christ through people with whom you’d otherwise never rub shoulders. As this happens, you also develop the type of love for other people that Christ calls for us to exhibit.

The bottom line is that mission trips are more than a week, month, or year away from your normal routine. They provide opportunities to experience Christ in new and powerful ways that make a lasting impact on your life. As you explore the idea of going on a trip, it’s important to ask, “What does God want to do in my heart through this adventure?” Expect the Lord to show himself to you in new ways and stir your affections for him. Discover how you can become more like him while serving those he loves.


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