No Longer Alone

March 23, 2015


Dejected and alone, Jean-Pierre had lost everything.  But his life in rural Rwanda was about to change.

Across the Atlantic, Bette Kitt was attending a dinner party in North Carolina.  While mingling, she found herself in a deep conversation with Mike and Mary Wagner of e3 Partners.  As they shared their stories from the mission field, God impressed something new on Bette’s heart.  She didn’t fully understand it but a new journey had just begun that would lead her to Rwanda within months.

As she began her first day on the field, Bette and her translator roamed the countryside.  Small huts and farms dotted the lush African landscape.  But as they strolled, one hut in particular stuck out to her.

“The front yard was immaculate.  The clothesline was perfectly hung and neatly organized.  It was all carefully laid out,” remarked Bette.

Inside, they met a teenage boy who introduced himself as Jean-Pierre.  Bette used her Evangecube to share the Gospel with him.  There in his front yard, they prayed together and he received Christ.  But Bette believed there was more to be done in this boy’s life.

“I just felt so strongly that he needed a hug…  When I reached out, he just wouldn’t let go.”

That’s when Jean-Pierre shared the excruciating details of his past.  Both of his parents were dead.  His older brother, his last remaining caretaker, had simply walked away.

Abandoned.  Rejected.  He was a boy without a family.

But as Jean-Pierre followed Bette and her team around the villages that week, his joy simply could not be contained.  The isolation that once defined his life had been replaced with purpose and community.

“You used to be alone but now you’re a part of a family,” Bette told him.

Despite her initial hesitations and objections, Bette took the step of faith that led her from North Carolina to east Africa, an act that gave new life to a teenage boy.


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