Not Your Typical Spring Break

March 5, 2015

In March of last year, Judson and his friends enjoyed a typical spring break like so many other college students. They packed their bags, hopped on a plane, and spent some time soaking up the tropics.

Well, at least it was somewhat typical…

This wasn’t a week of laying around on the beach. Instead, they spent their vacation in the Amazonian region of Peru, serving local communities on an e3 expedition.

Judson decided to register for the trip after being challenged by his mother to take ownership of his faith. But he did more than just sign up. He rallied over a dozen of his fraternity brothers to join him. Together, they met up with others from across the United States and headed out.

The team, which included four doctors, spent the week traveling throughout the Amazon to conduct daily medical clinics. For his friends studying pre-med., the opportunity to assist doctors in another part of the world was becoming a dream come true. But even those without a medical background were playing a critical role on the expedition.

 “I saw that you can still be a vital part of the team, even as an accounting major,” says Judson.

 Teams of volunteers were coming alongside the doctors, partnering with local “persons of peace” who were introducing them to members of the community. The clinics were opening doors to present the Gospel, train new believers, and launch small groups.

Now that they’re home, the poverty they experienced in Peru has left a lasting impression.

As one of Judson’s fellow teammates observed, “The people weren’t living, they were just surviving.”  

But Judson and the others have discovered that the Gospel overcomes even the bleakest circumstances.

“They are happy with so little,” says Judson. “They are essentially living in shacks but they are content with that… These people are Christians, even when Christ is all they have.”

Judson and his friends have seen firsthand how God can make a difference through them – all because they chose to do something significant with their spring break. This summer, thousands of others will set aside one week to serve in another part of the world. Click here to find a cause or destination that resonates with you!


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