Passion 2015: A Year Later

February 25, 2016


In a world that seems so interconnected, it’s hard to imagine how some tribes and people groups can remain isolated.  It’s even harder to grasp how 3,000 people groups could lack any Christian witness in their culture.  Representing billions of people, these groups have so few believers that expansion of the Gospel message is considered largely unviable.

In recent years, immigration patterns around the world have opened up new opportunities to engage these groups.  There are more displaced people in the world today than any other point in human history.  Millions of unreached people now live among the refugees flooding over the borders in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.  While the tragedy of the situation is great, God is redeeming the situation as only he can.

In 2015, the Passion Conferences funded an ambitious initiative by e3 Partners to engage ten of the least reached people groups in the world today.  At the 2015 conference sites, over 60,000 college students raised enough money to fund each outreach.  By the end of the final conference, the donations were so large that e3 was able to add four more groups to the initiative.

One year later, the results are nothing short of miraculous:

  • 13 of the 14 groups now have believers.
  • One year ago, there were no known believers among the Azerbaijani Jews. Today, over 50 fellowship together.
  • Pastors are now partnering with the initiative while one church has adopted a key group in the Middle East.

In just one year, God has moved significantly among these groups – and it’s just the beginning.  In the face of persecution, spiritual warfare, and regional violence, the Gospel continues to spread as these new believers risk everything to share the story of Jesus.

While God has accomplished so much in the past year, there is still more to be accomplished.  These people groups are still considered unreached and the new churches in these regions remain vulnerable.  But you can help change the spiritual trajectories of these unreached communities through your prayer, financial support, or participation on an e3 expedition.

Be a part of bringing the Gospel into some of the spiritually darkest places or support those who are making it happen.  Click here to explore e3 expeditions among unreached people groups or make a special contribution to support the ministry’s ongoing work.


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