February 2, 2016

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By Matt Morrison
Content Editor, e3 Partners

Imagine feeling a call by God to do something incredible – to change lives and advance the Gospel somewhere untouched by the story of Jesus.  Christians all over the world sense this tug on their hearts but they often run into a common obstacle – raising financial support.

In April 1793, British minister William Carey responded to a similar call.  He desperately wanted to see the Indian people transformed by the Gospel.  His passion was so great that he left in spite of opposition from his fellow ministers and even his own family.  It took months for him to arrive by sea. After settling in, his son died of dysentery, sending his wife into a nervous breakdown from which she never recovered.

Still, Carey pressed on.  Over his 40 years of ministry in India, Carey founded the country’s first university, translated the Bible into six languages, and led over 700 people to Christ.  But the impact of his sacrifice went far beyond southern Asia.  Through the centuries, he has been dubbed the “father of modern missions,” challenging generations of Christians to advance the Gospel all over the globe.   

But in spite of his sacrifice and courage, Carey and his family still faced this same hurdle.  Missionary work, while noble, isn’t a profitable task.  In order to survive, they sought financial support from their Christian brothers and sisters.

Much has changed since Carey’s days.  Between air travel and the internet, the world is much smaller than it was then.  It often takes less than a weekend to traverse the globe and we can video chat with mission teams from smartphones in the most rural parts of Africa.  But the same problem remains. Leaving everything behind and dedicating your life to missions still requires raising financial support.  It’s an act of faith that demands complete dependence on Christ and is among the most difficult aspects of missionary work.


At e3 Partners, our team consists of 400+ dedicated individuals who serve alongside over 2,000 national partners in nearly 50 countries.  In addition to training local believers to advance the Gospel, planning mission trips, and planting new churches in unreached areas, each of these staff raise financial support for their own salaries and resources.  This allows the ministry to rapidly press into new regions as God draws them to the mission.

When you support a field worker’s personal account, you are providing for more than that family’s salary and health insurance.  You’re covering their ongoing training, resources to assist their work, and a robust operations team at the home office who provides logistical support.  The quicker they are able to build their support team, the sooner they can begin focusing on the task God has put on their hearts.  Supporting them is an exciting and practical way to be a part of international missions while still pursuing your own God-given priorities.


Show your love for those who have sacrificed so much for Christ.  This month, we encourage you to pray for, encourage, and support the e3 Partners staff in your life.  This can be done in three special ways.

1.)   Write a note or prayer of encouragement.
Take some time to write an encouraging note or prayer for the missionaries in your life.  Express your appreciation and love through this special gesture of support.

2.)   Support their work.
If you’ve never done so, consider a monthly donation of any amount to someone’s financial support account.  Even a donation of $25 a month increases their ability to minister and remain focused on field work.  Click here to meet our staff, learn what they do, and make a contribution.


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