The Bensons Make Missions a Vision for Retirement

April 10, 2014

“I feel like I matter more there than I do here.  I don’t want to spend the rest of my life just accumulating meaningless stuff.”   – Dan Benson
Recently, Laura Benson asked her husband a question that would change the trajectory of their marriage.

“If I were to die tomorrow, what would you do with the rest of your life?”

With his retirement approaching, Dan has been questioning his future for months.  He wants the next season of his life to count for something and his reply changed everything.

“Honestly?  I would go into missions.  What about you?” he asked.
 With a smile on her face, Laura replied, “I would do the same.”

In March, Dan and Laura embarked on an expedition to Ecuador with their former pastor, Rick Eisemann.  As two of Rick’s long-time supporters, the couple had always wanted to join him but never felt the time was right.  After prayerful consideration, they took the step of faith.

In March, Dan and Laura worked with teams of American doctors serving hundreds of people each day, offering exams while giving away medical supplies and eyeglasses.  This opened doors for Dan and Laura to serve in the village of Motupe with a local woman of peace named Kathy.  Together, they used the Evangecube to share the Gospel in a region known for its satanic rituals.  They felt the spiritual oppression in nearly every home they entered.

“I didn’t even feel comfortable if I found myself alone in a room.  It felt like a charge going through my body,” says Dan.

Despite rejection by some people they encountered, Dan and Laura saw over 30 individuals receive Christ in that short week.  Before they left, two new churches were established – one on the porch of a family home and another in a nearby factory.

Their time in Ecuador has changed everything for the Bensons.  Despite physical and emotional challenges along the way, the couple is already determined to return soon.

“We kept feeling the call to go since the early years of our marriage but life kept getting in the way, “ says Laura. “But we knew God had always wanted to do more through us.”

For the Bensons, spreading the Gospel is a lifestyle that will define their retirement and leave an eternal legacy across the globe.  You can join them and thousands of others by planting churches and transforming communities all over the world.  Click here to find the expedition that fits you and go!


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