The Thai Nyaw People

January 26, 2015


Scattered across Laos and Thailand, the Nyaw people quietly tend to their land.  Between the two countries, nearly 76,000 Nyaw people manage rice farms, grow maize, and work as master silversmiths across the region.  Originally hailing from China, the people have been displaced through the years due to war and mandatory resettlement.

While the world around them constantly modernizes, the Nyaw people adhere to a primitive lifestyle, still farming with sticks and other rudimentary devices.  Their society holds to a strict structure that ranks individuals based on age, occupation, and wealth.  The temple acts as the social center of the community.

Of the 59,000 Nyaw people residing in Thailand, 84% of them follow the teachings of Buddhism which were introduced in 329 B.C.  Many of them have mixed traditional Buddhism with their ethnic religions beliefs.  Many Thai Nyaw people still perform sacrifices to appease spirits.  Many women and children are often known to give themselves into prostitution.

The Thai Nyaw people are not just considered unreached.  They are also considered unengaged, meaning no outreach is currently taking place within their society.  The people don’t even benefit from a Bible translation in their native language.


Without any outreach, missionary, or Christian presence, the Thai Nyaw people will die without ever hearing the Gospel.  But you can get involved.

Pray.  Ask God to raise up missionaries to the region with opportunities to serve the Thai Nyaw people.  Pray for local believers in the surrounding regions that new opportunities will arise to share Christ and cultivate new churches in the area.

Go.  You could be the answer to your own prayer.  Consider joining an expedition to Thailand where you can partner with local believers to serve unreached and unengaged people groups with the Gospel.  With just one week, you can be a part of a Gospel movement that is taking off across the region with the potential of reaching the Thai Nyaw people.


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