Three Things That Reveal Your True God

October 25, 2016


By Matt Morrison

Like so many people who have grown up in the Church, I always had the mindset that worship is a place or an event each week.  I’d so easily define it as the part of the Sunday morning service where we sing.  We live in a world where everything is compartmentalized.  We do the family thing at home, the work thing in the office, and the God stuff at the Church.

The problem is this doesn’t square with the Bible’s understanding of worship.  It’s not an activity that can be contained.  Whether we approach it consciously or not, we are always worshiping something with our lives.  Every minute of every day, we are glorifying someone or something.  Since I personally know my mind isn’t always on Christ 100% of every day, I know this means I’m likely worshiping something other than him.

John Piper famously wrote, “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in him.”  The concept seems simple but it remains incredibly profound.  When we are satisfied – and I mean deeply, truly satisfied in something – we naturally sing its praises.  When I recently bought a new car, I couldn’t stop telling my wife how much I loved it.  When she got the latest iPhone, she kept marveling over its cool features.  When we first started dating, we couldn’t stop annoying our friends with how much we loved each other.

But if our satisfaction drives us to worship something, our investments reveal where that idol truly lies.  In my own life, I’ve found three things that reveal the true object of my worship.


Some of us are just bad with money.  Others invest it wisely or shrewdly.  But where our money goes, there goes our hearts.  The path of our finances reveal idols and, in extremely cases, our addictions.  If you’re constantly spending money on expensive clothes or beauty products, this could point to beauty or vanity as an idol.  Likewise, constantly spending on needless luxuries can point to an overemphasis on comfort.

Where do you put your money?
Outside of the necessities like food and basic shelter, what take up too much space in your budget?
What do these things reveal about your heart?


Personally, I’m an incredibly impatient person when it comes to wasted time.  My days are rigidly planned.  I don’t like to wait for things that should be done already.  Finding myself behind a slow driver in the morning is more than enough to turn me into the Hulk.

We naturally spend our time on the things that bring us comfort, joy, or value.  As a major introvert, my wife lives for the few hours every night when we spend time together in the quiet house.  I know guys who put every last amount of time into making money or getting things done in the office.  Others prioritize family time even over personal ministry or other responsibilities.

Where do you most often spend your free time?
What are the things you enjoy so much that they make you impatient to get through the rest of the day?


It goes without saying that we work hardest for the things that matter most.  It’s human nature to try hardest at the things that bring either the most joy or a sense of accomplishment.  So many pour into their jobs in pursuit of the corner office or the next major promotion.  Others put an unhealthy amount of energy into protecting their reputations or gaining notoriety.

What do you pour yourself into most?
Which activities are you willing to exhaust yourself over?


Most of the things I mention – work, family, rest – are all good.  They have a place and should rank high in our priorities.  Unfortunately, we are often tempted to put these people or items ahead of our allegiance to Christ – making them the main things in our lives.  This is when good blessings and responsibilities turn into idols.

It may be that each of these things point to something different in your life.  But if you see a consistent pattern developing as you look at these areas of focus, you may be uncovering an idol or several idols that now take priority over Christ.

Which good things have taken an undue part of your life?  Which ones now bring more satisfaction to you that Christ himself?


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