Want to work with Syrian refugees? Here’s where to go.

October 8, 2015

His photo last month shocked the world.  After a swelling of international attention on the Syrian refugee crisis, the image of little 3-year-old Aylan brought the entire situation into focus.  Along an otherwise serene Turkish beach, the disturbingly peaceful body of the young Kurdish boy lay face down, washed up after his family’s escape across the Mediterranean Sea went terribly wrong.

Aylan’s story is tragically common as over 4 million Syrians flee their homeland.  Some have settled in refugee camps in neighboring countries while others risk their lives journeying across the sea to Europe.  As the world becomes increasingly aware of the situation, one thing is clear: we are watching the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II unfold before our eyes.

In 2016, e3 Partners is offering several opportunities to serve Syrian refugees who are fleeing with little more than the clothes on their backs.  You can make a difference in their lives by joining a short-term mission trip to one of these locations.


Since 2011, over 747,000 Syrians have fled into Jordan.  That’s just the number of refugees that are registered. Jordanian government officials estimate that the nation now has 1.5 million Syrians within their borders. Another 58,000 refugees have come from Iraq. Jordan is considered “the Switzerland of the Middle East” and for generations, the people have felt a kinship with their Syrian neighbors. The people have been more than welcoming, yet the government’s resources are stretched thin.

Our national partners have been working with refugees in Jordan since the crisis initially emerged. Through the four year outreach, hundreds of Syrians have found their ultimate safety in the arms of Jesus. They are extremely open to Christ and are already dissatisfied with their religion. You can help meet the physical needs of Syrian refugees and, more importantly, show them who Jesus is.

Trips are being scheduled throughout the year and each expedition will provide food, water, and other basic necessities in the refugee camps.  Our teams will also include doctors offering free clinics, medications, and eyeglasses.  While providing basic care, there will be numerous opportunities to share the Gospel while caring for their spiritual needs.


No country has resettled more refugees than Syria’s northern neighbor.  Over 2.1 million  have found asylum with the government investing more than US $6 billion to care for them.  Turkey has also felt the growing threat of ISIS along their southern border, making the crisis a national security concern.  

Expeditions to Turkey in 2016 will focus on providing basic medical care to refugees.  Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists will offer free clinics, medications, and eyeglasses to those in need of attention.  Meanwhile, others will have the chance to hear refugee stories, pray with and share the Gospel.


For refugees fleeing to Europe, Germany is their goal.  An estimated 600,000-800,000 people will be resettled in the country by the end of the year.  Cities like Frankfurt and Munich have become processing centers where Syrians can begin their new lives.  As they arrive, German nationals are welcoming them with cheers and open arms.  

We have partnered with a growing church serving immigrants in one of the country’s major urban centers.  On each expedition, teams will offer pick up games and picnics as refugees wait for a permanent residential assignment.  You can meet people from all over the globe seeking a new life in Germany.  This is a chance to touch the world with the Gospel, all from one location.

These countries are at the heart of this unprecedented crisis.  You can travel safely into these regions where the needs are greatest and work with gifted leaders that have the most effective ministry today among Syrian refugees.  This is your chance to make a difference.

If you would like to learn more information about serving in one of these locations, click here and fill out the provided form.  We will contact you with specific dates and destinations as they become available.


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