June 2, 2015

By Curtis Hail
President & CEO

We have a little saying around e3 Partners that sums up our mission.  It’s just three little words – “No place left.”  It’s our prayer and our vision.  No place left where the Gospel isn’t known.  No place left where healthy, transformative, multiplying churches don’t exist.  No place left where brokenness is an overpowering reality.

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying a pleasant afternoon with my wife when God laid a rather convicting question on my heart – “Am I truly compelled by this vision?”  Set aside geography for a moment.  Is there any place left in my heart where Christ doesn’t reign supreme?  Many people believe the call to missions begins at home.  In reality, it starts somewhere much closer than that.  It begins in the place where God originally restored us – our hearts.

It’s hypocritical, even backwards, to declare a passion for the unreached when there are so many unreached parts of our own lives.  And yet, if I’m honest, there are so many places left that I struggle to surrender to him.

My pride.
My sense of control.
My plans.

Like so many within our ministry, you may have a passion to prevent human trafficking, heal the sick, or establish the Church among the unreached.  Your desire may be for a world fully surrendered to the glory of Jesus Christ.  But where is your heart?  Which corners of your life remain unreached or unsurrendered?

Just imagine what Christ could do with those strongholds you and I hold so tightly.  How much more could our lives count for significance, both at home and abroad?  Let us yearn for the day when there is no place left in this world or our hearts that remains untouched by the truth of the Gospel.


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