Every year, we send hundreds of volunteers overseas to provide free medical, eye, and dental exams to communities where health care is not readily available. While meeting these tangible needs, we work with church-planting teams to present the Gospel and connect individuals with local congregations.

Whether you’re a medical professional or just a concerned Christian, there are many opportunities to provide life-saving medical relief and promote HIV/AIDS awareness, Malaria prevention, and health education.

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  • Cucuta, Colombia - CO21A

    September 17-25, 2021

    Cucuta is the gateway to Colombia on the border with Venezuela. There are great spiritual and physical needs in this city because of the refugee crisis from Venezuela. Read More ›

  • Barranquilla, Colombia - CO21E

    October 9-16, 2021

    Once dubbed the “Golden Gate of the Republic.” Barranquilla is the largest city along Colombia’s Caribbean coastline. Originally settled in 1629, it enjoys a rich cultural heritage while remaining of the country’s most modern cities. Read More ›

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