Support our efforts in a particular country that is close to your heart.  Your funds will go directly towards equipping believers, developing long-term partnerships, and spreading the Gospel in that region.  Select a country from the list below to get started.

e3 Tanzania

Russia National Partner - Denis Bernaz

e3 Nigeria

National Partner Igor Yaremchuk's Fundraiser

e3 Uganda

Venezuela National Partner - Deisy Ordonez

e3 Moldova

Russia National Partner - Marat and Olga Ravilov

e3 Argentina

Mid-South Region Special Projects

e3 Nicaragua

e3 Rwanda

e3 Rwanda - School Fees for Students

One-time donations:

$5,054 of $37,000 raised

e3 Rwanda Bibles

Toposa of South Sudan

e3 Romania

SC - North America - Kaufmann Team

Canada National Partner - Cameron Asman

e3 Honduras

e3 China

e3 Ireland

e3 Greece

SC - Asia - LWM Team

SC - North America - Kilby Team


e3 Bolivia


Canada National Partner - Brody Haight

SC - North America - Mehta Team

Canada National Partners - Tony and Olivia Vail

Colombia National - Bernardo and Mildred Gonzalez

SC - Asia - AM Team

SC - Africa - JT Team

e3 Dominican Republic

e3 Brazil

SC - Asia - AG Team

SC - North America - Dykstra Team

e3 Zimbabwe


SC - Europe - Payton Team

SC - Global Cities - Cooper Team

e3 Jordan

e3 Mozambique

e3 USA - Atlanta


e3 USA / Reaching the Nations in the US

e3 Miami SC

e3 Venezuela

SC - North America - Han Team

e3 Ethiopia

SC - Africa - Williams Team

Ganrar People Group

e3 Cuba

SC - Asia - HG Team

SC - Latin America - Neugent Team

South Asia No Place Left Fund

SC - Europe - RS Team


Kandha Gauda People Group

SC - Africa - McDonald Team

e3 Russia

e3 Israel

SC - Latin America - Venezuela Team

SC - Asia - TD Team

SC - Europe - Preato Team

SC - Africa - Caroom Team

SC - Africa - Talley Team

SC - Asia - GS Team

SC - North America - Whitfield Team

SC - North America - Shull Team

SC - Latin America - Gordon Team

SC - North America - Harrell Team

SC - Africa - JW Team

SC - North America - Puckett Team

SC - Africa - Walker Team

SC - Africa - Coblentz Team

SC - Europe - Nicoara Team

e3 Philippines

SC - North America - Bailus Team

Aiton People Group

SC - North America Gaps

SC - North America - Timblin Team

Costa Rica National Partner - Carlos & Xinia Rojas

Panama National Partner - Talsy Vega

e3 Paraguay

SC - Asia - TC Team

e3 Ecuador

SC - Asia - AW Team

SC - Asia - NR Team

SC - Asia - CG Team

e3 Europe

SC - Asia - MA Team

SC - Asia - JD Team

e3 Panama

Colombia National Partner - Alex Lopez

SC - Asia - RC Team

e3 Middle East

SC - Europe - Weston Team

SC - North America - Billingsley Team

SC - Europe - CC Team

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