e3 PartnersĀ is partnering with iDonate to make it easy for you to give non-cash gifts! When you give, iDonate provides you with an immediate receipt, sells your items, and sends e3 PartnersĀ the proceeds. Although your receipt comes from iDonate Foundation, your donation benefits e3 Partners Ministry.

Your donations will be used to meet the most critical needs of the ministry!


Sorry, our partnership with iDonate doesn’t allow us to accept household goods (e.g., appliances, furniture, comforters, blankets, stuffed animals, etc.). In general, we don’t accept donations with a market value too low to generate significant proceeds, such as timeshare properties and most types of artwork.

Manage Your Account at Pure Charity

We have partnered with Pure Charity to help you easily manage your trip application. This is also where you can manage your donor profile.