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There are millions of lost souls across the globe in need of the love of Jesus, and at e3 Partners, we have over 400 staff members working daily to share that love with them.

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Sam Ingrassia's Staff Support Fundraiser

Thank you for your investment in our lives, calling and ministry with e3 Partners Ministry.  

E3 Partners/E3 Colombia: The ministry we help lead in Colombia is truly in the best place since it began in 1993.  The e3 Colombia Mentor Network is growing within the country at an accelerating pace. Within the last 5 years the Lord has brought key churches, partners, leaders, ideas and tools to provide Healthy Church training to pastors and leaders located in 60 networks across 18 cities across Colombia.  We continue to lead multiple evangelism and church planting expeditions every year.  Truly we are seeing an ripe harvest for the gospel and church planting. (E3 Colombia).  Join us in 2016 on an e3 Colombia Expedition - see the website to sign up - or contact me directly on my cell at (214)-674-9184. 

Just Say The Word: Sam's book on marital prayer now printed in 5 languages: Spanish, Russian, Romanian, French and English; and continues to be on the target of men's hearts. Over 14,000 copies have been distributed with the combination of print and digital media. JSTW also streams on Right Now Media, has a plan on the YouVersion Bible App, has been featured in many radio interviews, including national radio with FamilyLife Today and Point of View and CBN 700 Club. Pray God would continue to reach marriages across the world for praying Scripture in our marriages. (

Praying Together: A simple path to spiritual intimacy for couples: Vicki and I wrote a new book on marital prayer. It was officially released on May 2nd by New Hope Publishing,  We are very excited about this opportunity to impact thousands of marriages.  As with JSTW, the topic is still marital prayer.  The main model is allowing the Bible to be the guide for marital prayer content. currently in the process of working with New Hope Publishing to write another book on marital prayer. This book has far more content, and more importantly bringing the woman's/wife's voice into the discussion. Please pray this book would be used in a great way to impact many marriages. 

We are thankful for your interest and prayers - and ask you to consider supporting our ministry as a financial partner.  We recognize there are countless worthy paths for kingdom investment - yet we invite to consider investing in God's kingdom through our lives and these ministries. (Donation to Sam and Vicki Ingrassia's ministry)

For His Advancing Kingdom / Sam and Vicki Ingrassia / mobile phone: 214-674-9184;

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