Before leaving for your mission, you will have plenty of training with your leaders and team members. In these sessions, you will discuss the trip details while gaining some cultural insights from your leader. You will also learn how to use e3’s tools to share the Gospel effectively.

While e3 is available to handle your technical needs, you will need to prepare yourself for the spiritual experience ahead. You may encounter poverty and devastation on an entirely new scale. You will form unbreakable bonds with the locals and your fellow team members. Through it all, God will challenge you in ways you cannot yet comprehend. If you aren’t ready, you will miss out on a significant aspect of the mission. So how can you prepare yourself?


Pray for the people you will encounter and for your fellow team members. Pray that God will begin working in the hearts of those you will meet during your mission. You should also pray for yourself, that God will give you a calm and focused spirit. It is easy to become distracted and forget why you are going!


We recommend memorizing some Bible verses that will challenge and encourage you along the way. Start with your favorite passages and spend time in the following verses as well: John 3:16, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, and Ephesians 2:8-9.


The story of God’s work in your life is a powerful tool. Start asking yourself these questions:

  • What was my life like before Christ?
  • How did I come to know the Lord?
  • How has he changed my life since then? (This is the most important one.)

Practice sharing your story with family and friends in two minutes or less. This is a great exercise to help you share it comfortably with others.


This is a simple method of sharing the story of the Gospel. All it requires is 2 minutes, a notecard and a pen, and it will give you confidence to bring Jesus into your conversations on your trip.

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