Prayer is at the heart of everything we do because through prayer we maintain our personal relationship with God. That is how our faith is built, our path is determined, our mission is accomplished.

e3 Directors of Prayer, Jim and Kaye Johns, have been helping anyone associated with e3 to grow in their faith and walk more closely with God for more than a decade.

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We have prayer resources for you – free to download and share. Many have said these resources are life-changing. We encourage you to see how God might use them in your life!

This is a special collection of practical, proven, easy-to-use prayer tools. We invite you to use them!


This e3 Prayer initiative is helping us all connect more closely with God and with each other.

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"e3 Partners is sending many missionaries to all parts of the world, flying the banner of Christ in every corner of the world, training every individual to become a disciple of the Lord. This is a strategy that truly obeys Jesus’ Great Commission."

// Ying Kai, Executive Director of T4T Global Missions

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