In Asia, a church was meeting under a tree when a stampede of elephants came out of the jungle, trampling two of the church’s leaders to death. In the midst of this tragedy...

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  • About e3 Partners

    How can you use your God-given gifts and resources to make an impact? We want to serve the Kingdom WITH YOU! Whether you’re looking to make an impact locally or abroad, we’re ready to help you do that.

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  • Equip

    How do you share the gospel with someone? What do you do once someone professes their faith in Christ? e3 Partners offers trainings to help you through these questions and dozens of others. Equip yourself, your family, friends, and your church with the tools, confidence, and boldness needed to spread the gospel and disciple others!

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  • Evangelize

    We take trips to over 60 different countries every year. We have long-term workers who develop partnerships with national leaders all across the world, and we have teams all over the U.S. committed to spreading the gospel and planting churches in their communities. It’s the Gospel gone viral through God’s people. Come be a part of it!

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  • Establish

    Healthy, multiplying, transformative churches everywhere, that’s our goal. We believe Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, and we believe the hope we have in Him can be found in the expression of the gospel through the local church. Through short-term trips, training, long-term workers, and implementing our 4 Fields strategy the same way locally as we do globally, God is using e3 Partners to establish and multiply churches at rapidly increasing rates!

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"e3 Partners is sending many missionaries to all parts of the world, flying the banner of Christ in every corner of the world, training every individual to become a disciple of the Lord. This is a strategy that truly obeys Jesus’ Great Commission."

// Ying Kai, Executive Director of T4T Global Missions

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We make the local church accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We dream, plan, and work towards a world where the Body of Christ and its life-saving message is available to every person on the planet. We send Christians like you to the pioneering edge of the mission field, spread hope among the unreached, and leave behind vibrant, transforming local churches that do the same. It’s the gospel gone viral through God’s people.

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  • Causes


    You can share the gospel through medical clinics, refugee outreach or other initiatives to touch lives and transform communities all over the world. Find a cause you're passionate about!

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  • Prayer


    Prayer is at the heart of everything we do because through prayer we maintain our personal relationship with God. That is how our faith is built, our path is determined, our mission is accomplished. We have prayer resources for you – free to download and share. Many have said these resources are life-changing. We encourage you to see how God might use them in your life!

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  • The Stores

    The Stores

    Find all of the gear you need to express the Gospel in your own life. Tell the world you’re second in the I Am Second store or pick up cubes and other tools for your upcoming mission trip.

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  • I am Second

    I am Second

    Restoration. People redeemed and lives transformed. Relationships rebuilt, communities revitalized. Culture restored. We seek a world where people become second, serving and loving each other as they put Jesus first.

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