4 Fields Training

Welcome to the 4 Fields Training site! Watch this quick introductory video for an overview of all of the resources available to you.

Resources For Multiplying Healthy Disciples and Churches

Start Here:
411 Training – video  slides
Commands of Christ – videodocument

4 Fields of Jesus Strategy

4 Fields Explained video
4 Fields Diagram with Tools document

1: Entry – Empty Field

Oikos Map – video
Luke 10 – House of Peace Search – video

2: Gospel – Seeded Field

Your Story – 15 Second Testimony – video
God’s Story – 3 Circles – video
4 Responses to the Gospel – video
Discovery Bible Study: 7 Stories of Hope – document

3: Discipleship – Sprouted Field

411 Training for Green Lights and Existing Believers – videoslides
3/3rds Pattern of Discipleship – video
Commands of Christ – videodocument
Sword Bible Study Method – video

4: Church Formation – Harvested Field

Church Circle – Acts 2:36-47 – video
Handy Guide to a Healthy Church – Right Hand – document

5: Leadership Development

Start Here:
4 Fields Training Explained using 5 Levels of Movement Leadership – video
Then Here:
5 Levels of Leadership – short video
5 Levels of Movement Leadership Explained In Depth – videoarticle
5 Levels of Leadership – graphic

Leadership Training & Coaching Toolbox List

Tools organized by 5 Levels of Leadership – document
Tools organized in list form. webpage

Resources in Spanish from the No Place Left networkwebsite

Oral Disciple Making Training

Oral Strategy documents

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